The Space Environment and Satellite Systems laboratory is located in Room 011 of the Durand Building at Stanford University. For general information about visiting Stanford University, please see the Stanford Visitor Information page. There is a comprehensive searchable map available from that page.

Driving and Parking

Trying to describe how to drive onto the Stanford campus and park can be quite a challenge, especially since construction projects change the available routes almost daily. For driving to our location on the Stanford campus, the closest freeway exits are Alpine Road from Interstate 280 and University Avenue from Highway 101. You should park in Parking Structure 2 or the Roble Underground lot and then walk to the Durand Building from there.

Parking permits are required everywhere on campus, but metered parking is available in the ground level of the parking structure.

Walking to the Durand Building

From the parking structure, proceed southeast down Panama Street. Panama Street ends at Morris Way and turns into Panama Mall.

At the corner of Panama and Morris, the Durand Building is visible to the left across the small mall area. Walk over to Durand and down the staircase into the basement.

Finding the lab

Once inside Durand via the staircase, Durand 011 is down the central hallway on the right. The elevators and the restrooms are halfway down the central corridor on the left.