TV/Public Appearances


Strangest Weather on Earth: Episode 8 Season 3, The Weather Channel, November 1

Strangest Weather on Earth: Episode 5 Season 3, The Weather Channel, October 11

Nova: Chasing Pluto - PBS, July 15


Meteors! - Stanford eDay lecture, July 21


Sigrid Close co-hosted National Geographic's Known Universe along with astronaut Michael Massimino. [Stanford Report interview]

Meteoroid Threats to Spacecraft - SETI invited lecture, May 4

Space Dangers - NOVA ScienceNow, January 19

In The News


The Sneaky Danger of Space Dust, Scientific American podcast, May 11

Why space dust emits radio waves upon crashing into a spacecraft, Phys.org, May 2

NASA Could Use a Miniaturized Satellite to Test Europa Moon's Dust and Radiation, Seeker, April 10

Tiny Asteroid-Mining Scouts Could Study Space-Dust Strikes, Space.com, February 6


President Obama selects two Stanford engineers for early career award, Stanford Engineering, January 8


To catch a shooting star, Stanford Magazine, November

Better origami using nature and maths, BBC, May 10

Close Wins Early Career Award from Department of Energy - Stanford Engineering, May 8

How to pack a big solar sail in a tiny cubesat - NBC News, May 3

Stanford scientist closes in on a mystery that impedes space exploration - Stanford Report, February 26
Also online at Phys.Org and Geek.com, and featured on ABC7 News


Meteoroid impacts may explain some satellite mysteries - USA Today, September 26

Potentially Damaging Meteor Shower Highlights Risk to Spacecraft - Space.com, September 22

Tiny bits of debris are a big problem in space - Stanford Report, September 6

NASA Needs Strategic Plan to Manage Orbital Debris Efforts; Risks Increasing for Satellites, Space Station - National Academies, September 1

Stanford researchers try to solve satellite mystery - ABC7 News (KGO-TV)


Report examines options for detecting and countering near-Earth objects - National Academies, January 23